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World to the West PC Game

World to the West is situated in the vibrant universe of Teslagrad You take reign of four playable characters Lumina the Teslamancer can outrun any enemy Knaus the orphan digs tunnels to avoid them Miss Teri has the capability of bending the minds of her opponents And when all else fails you can call on Lord Clonington the gloriously mustachioed strongman who cannot only smash his enemies but also the world they live in Explore untamed jungles frozen tundras and the mysteries of an ancient prophecy Be careful though because nothing is ever what it seems&8230;FeaturesPlay as one of the four heroes each hailing from individual nations and possessing unique identities and abilitiesFace your enemies head-on with brute force convince them to see things your way or try to avoid themExplore the vibrant world of Teslagrad to uncover strange clues old secrets and magnificent powersExperience seamless transitions between combat and puzzle solvingFind your way home through the ancient ruins of the world to the west

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