Image of Valhalla Hills Special Edition PC Game

Valhalla Hills Special Edition PC Game

The poor Vikings lead a faithful life just as the gods demanded and now they stand in front of Asgard's gates to enter Valhalla But then this! The gods won't grant them what they deserve! They just shut the door right in front of them! If an honorable death is not enough to get in probably just marching straight up into Valhalla does the trick But the dangers of the Valhalla Hills prove to be a bit too much even for bold Vikings Mighty mountains and sinister foes bar their way and need to be overcome They need guidance someone with a plan And that's where you come into play! Help them find food and shelter cut down trees Take good care of your little tribe Settle plan and fight your way from portal to portal and across increasingly spectacular islands Lead your loyal band of Vikings safely through their greatest adventure in this exciting genre mix of economic simulation strategy challenging battles and lots of humor Valhalla Hills rekindles the genre's spark fans of The Settlers II have been waiting for so long

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