Image of The Ninja Saviors Return Of The Warriors PS4 Game

The Ninja Saviors Return Of The Warriors PS4 Game

In the Ninja saviors - return of the Warriors the player assumes the role of one of five Android ninjas to take on the tyrant banglar and his henchmen with a variety of individual moves in a dystopian future Along with two completely new characters The fully revised side-scrolling arcade brawler also finally offers fans the eagerly awaited two-player co-op mode and an online Ranking system so that you can measure yourself against fighters from all over the world In a total of 8 levels players will brawl their way through waves of enemy hordes either alone or in pairs not only is long-term motivation provided in single-player mode the Ninja saviors - return of the Warriors also makes comfortable couch co-op game evenings with friends possible just like you remember and love from Super Nintendo classics of the 1990s The original developers from back in the day ten go Project have also made an already outstanding game even better audio visually in every respect The 16-bit pixel art of the classic has been retained but significantly revised and new animations have been added The legendary sound of Taito's house band zuntata is of course part of the fun once again and along with the original Soundtrack from the arcade machines there will also be the music from the Super NES version and a completely newly arranged soundtrack to choose from Reboot of one of the highest rated action games on Super NEStwo-player local cooponline ranking8 stages2 new characters for a total of 5 playable charactersenhanced graphics and new animations in high resolution16 9 widescreen3 soundtracks to choose from Ninja warriors Arcade Ninja warriors Super NES and Ninja savior

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