Image of The Early years of flight PC Game

The Early years of flight PC Game

Relive the golden age of aviation when a hardy band of adventurers first took to the air in direct defiance of gravity This compelling collection of early aircraft features 5 machines that smashed records and finally allowed mankind to break the bonds holding us to terra firma Join the Wright Brothers and take to the air for a tour of Ohio in the iconic Model B aircraft or recreate the achievement of Louis Bl&195;&169;riot in a death defying crossing of the English Channel in the Bl&195;&169;riot XI monoplane Strap yourself into the Santos-Dumont 14-bis and share the elation of performing the first unaided take-off of a heavier than air aircraft The Goliescu Avioplan with its idiosyncratic design and equally unpredictable performance may be a challenge to fly but was the first aircraft to utilise a tubular design that paved the way for aircraft of today The Handley Page E is widely acclaimed as the first passenger aircraft although comfort was not an option with the passenger seated precariously behind the pilot in a small bucket seat open to the outside air! Each has been lovingly crafted resulting in stunning recreations of these historic aircraft complete with authentic flight characteristics that capture the spirit and adventure of a bygone era Also included are 5 missions for Microsoft Flight Simulator X that will push your flying skills to the limit with an opportunity to experience the finest hour of these pioneering aircraft putting you in the pilot's seat to attempt the record breaking challenges that flew these daring aviators into the history books

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