Image of Streacom DA2 Mini-ITX Case - Silver

Streacom DA2 Mini-ITX Case - Silver

The trend towards powerful PCs in the smallest possible cases seems to show no sign of slowing down any time soon this is due in no small part to the fact that newer hardware often packs as much performance as its larger equivalents For the SFF (Small Form Factor) DA2 the experts at Streacom have pulled out all the stops to make something really special Instead of traditional trays and brackets Streacom has opted for adjustable struts that can be adjusted to meet the exact requirements of the hardware Modders and tinkerers will have free rein over the interior of the Streacom DA2 Equally remarkable is the fact that the case will support a 240 mm radiator to boot THE STREACOM DA2 MINI-ITX CASE AT A GLANCE Extremely compact dimensions (180 x 286 x 340 mm) with a volume of 175 Litres Premium anodised aluminium exterior with brushed aluminium surfaces Unique bracket design for unparalleled modularity when installing hardware Supports dual-slot gaming graphics cards with lengths of up to 33 cm Supports GPU installation without resorting to a riser module Supports Mini-ITX format motherboards (all sockets from AMD & Intel) Space for powerful ATX- or SFX power supplies 6x 25 drives or 3x 35 drives OPTIMAL SPACE USAGE & INGENIOUS DESIGN Offering extremely compact dimensions of just 180 by 286 by 340 mm (W x H x D) the Streacom DA2 chassis provides an impressive volume of 175 Litres The fact that a complete gaming PC can be installed in spite of this size format is achieved thanks to a tremendously innovative design rails are attached at the top and bottom of each side Brackets in the form of narrow struts can be threaded in there which can be used both vertically and horizontally The respective hardware is then attached to these braces This provides maximum freedom in positioning the motherboard graphics card and even a 280 mm radiator In addition the back can be rotated 180 degrees to enable even more unusual layouts The only exception here is the bracket for the power supply which actually consists of two larger frames One allows an ATX- or SFX form factor PSU to the front of the Streacom DA2 The ATX format limits the possible length of the graphics card to 220 mm otherwise VGAs 330 mm long are supported The second frame is then screwed to it and serves to hold three 35 or even six 25 drives The power supply cable is then guided from the front to the back THE SIZE OF A GAMES CONSOLE BUT MUCH MORE POWERFUL The aesthetics of this ingenious little case are equally impressive given the flawless craftsmanship of the anodized aluminium The metal is 2 mm thick and the stylish hairline finish makes for a striking look The sleek front panel of the DA2 includes a power button and a single USB 30 Type C port that connects to the 19 pin internal motherboard header The clever cooling design is minimalist in outlook with the versatile bracket design also generally able to be set up as users prefer Supported fans can be between 40 and 180 mm large and can be installed on the sides top or bottom as well as behind a side panel To enable all the components to receive adequate airflow at all times as well as dissipate unwanted heat both sides of the Streacom DA2 are equipped with round air vents The side panels can also be attached and removed without the need for tools SUPPORTS HIGH-END GRAPHICS CARDS Even the Mini-ITX format motherboard can be attached to the sliding brackets to enable users to adjust its position The graphics card is installed directly into the PCIe slot of the motherboard meaning that the use of a riser cable is no longer necessary In terms of CPU cooler space 145 mm of clearance is available which is impressive for a SFF case Alternatively a radiator up to 280 mm in size can be installed on one side and this can be integrated into a custom loop The bracket braces can also be used for attaching a reservoir or pump The DA2 from Streacom is a break from tradition adding unparalleled modularity to the design of an SFF case The relatively spacious interior (in this form factor) makes installing powerful hardware and even a radiator an attractive option The Streacom DA2 is undoubtedly the perfect case for modders and fans of small cases TECHNICAL DETAILS Dimensions (LxWxH)340 x 286 x 180mm Material Aluminium (anodised brushed) steel Weight 39 kg Volume 175 l Colour Black Form factor Mini-ITX Total Possible Fans 1x 92mm fan (rear) From 40 to 180 mm (side top) Total Possible Radiators 1x max 280 mm (side) Drive Bays 6x 25 3x 35 PSU ATX SFX or SFX-L (optional) Expansion Slots 2 (Dual-Slot) IO Panel 1x USB 30 Type C (internal connection) Hardware Compatibility Max CPU cooler height 145 mm Max GPU length 330 mm (220 with an ATX PSU) Max GPU height 50 mm (dual-slot) Max GPU width 150 mm Note PCIe power connectors on the back or top of the graphics card should be taken into account prior to installation!

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