Image of Speedlink SL-6638-BK Phantom Hawk Gaming Flightstick Black

Speedlink SL-6638-BK Phantom Hawk Gaming Flightstick Black

Transform your desktop into a cockpit the Phantom Hawk joystick makes flight simulation a true experience and adds authenticity to challenging missions With throttle controller three control dimensions and eight-way coolie hat sets you up for the races spectacular dogfights and accurate rescue flights Ready for High-Altitude FlightThe Phantom Hawk Flightstick turns your desktop into your own cockpit in a flash With its smooth throttle controller eight-way coolie hat and force vibration flight simulations will feel real It&39;s a good device for mastering legendary aerial battles and game sequences Fully Kitted Out for Adventures Above The CloudsThe Phantom Hawk is built to last and offers maximum reliability thanks to its robust design Just connect it to a USB port on your PC and you&39;re good to go In the heat of battle extra-strong suction cups and the wrist rest ensure the Phantom Hawk Flightstick won&39;t go slipping and sliding all over the place What&39;s more you&39;ll be able to game for hour after hour without strain taking hold thanks to the ergonomically designed flightstick with its rotating grip which has been designed for right-handers The Synthesis of Precision and RealismThe Phantom Hawk lets you decide the outcome of merciless dogfights and spectacular time trials - you can also simulate demanding rescue flights With three-dimensional control and maximum maneuverability complex aerobatics and slick navigating are easily accomplished The flightstick also responds to your commands quickly and accurately Use the side throttle control for smooth and accurate throttling and enjoy an all-round field of view thanks to the eight-way coolie hat so you keep a good overview of what&39;s going on even in stressful situations Ergonomically designed flight stick with hand rest for right-handed useCoolie hat for an eight-way all-round visibilityGood grip on all surfaces thanks to the strong suction discsProgressive throttle controllerTwelve freely assignable digital fire buttonsForce vibration for the ultimate gaming experienceFour-way digital D-padCable length 7874 inch2 mDimensions 185 × 185 × 240 mm (W × D × H)Package contains Flight stick driver CD quick install guideIntegrated Throttle ControlGive it some throttle just like a pro The controller is calibrated so precisely that you only need to pull back on the throttle just a little and the nose of the airplane will point forward This lets you spool up your engines to full power before take-off and position your airplane in the right approach ready for landing Vibration FunctionExtreme maneuvers make the flightstick vibrate in your hand making the flight simulator feel even more realistic You can also configure the vibration intensity in the driver menu so you get to feel even the faintest shake thanks to force vibration Ergonomic DesignThe Phantom Hawk will secure your dominance in the battle for air superiority Thanks to the ergonomic layout of the controls you get to improve your response speed as all the key functions are easily accessible on the flightstick Rotatable for Z-Axis UseThe Phantom Hawk Flightstick is designed to offer you three-dimensional control with its rotatable grip making precise control and skillful maneuvers possible And for an all-round view from the cockpit the coolie hat is designed to fit your thumb 12 Programmable KeysYou can assign different commands to the twelve digital keys really easily for good results The driver menu lets you configure the flightstick to suit your preferences and the game&39;s requirements Rubberised for GripYou&39;ll never lose your grip thanks to the flightstick&39;s rubberised coating – it&39;ll also help stop those annoying moments when your hand slides off the stick This gives you total control even in really tense situationsv

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