Image of Slash : Excess: the Definitive Biography

Slash : Excess: the Definitive Biography

One of the most iconic guitarists of all-time his staggering performance on Guns N' Roses' Appetite For Destruction heralded the arrival of a brand new superstar name in rock His complex relationship with frontman Axl Rose and the phenomenal music that emerged from that band cemented his reputation in rock's history books; since leaving G N' R however Slash has masterfully plied his trade through a series of solo projects and high profile guest appearances This is the first book to examine the complete story of Slash from his humble roots in suburban London in the late Sixties to his thunderous ride through the alleys and red carpets of California to his present day success with Velvet Revolver The book also takes a fresh look at the Guns N' Roses saga and examines all of Slash's other projects in exhaustive detail Paul Stenning is the author of several books on rock music and is a regular contributor to the pages of Metal Maniacs Terrorizer Alternative Press and Record Collector He is the author of the best-selling book on Guns N' Roses The Band That Time Forgot as well as biographies of ACDC Iron Maiden and My Chemical Romance

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