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Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2 Game

Please note this is the NTSC version of the game which is compatible with PAL systems Any future DLC may require a US Nintendo Network account With an all-new story and cast an expanded roster of demons to manage vastly expanded party interaction an all-new soundtrack from composer Kenji Ito plus a host of refinements and improvements over its predecessor Devil Survivor 2 delivers everything fans loved about the first game an intense narrative with multiple endings based on player actions the beautiful visuals and sounds the SMT series is renowned for the addicting challenge of collecting customizing auctioning and fusing every last demon in the game and much more When a new website that shows the manner of people&39;s deaths in advance makes the rounds amongst Japanese high schoolers a trio of students is shocked to witness their own deaths in a terrible subway accident just minutes away They narrowly escape the carnage only to find themselves in a worse situation--facing otherworldly demons Desperate to survive they fend off the demons and flee but the destruction at the station is only the beginning What if You Could See People&39;s Deaths Before They Happened? - The spread of a mysterious website that offers a preview of people&39;s deaths and the great calamity that suddenly strikes Japan - mere coincidence or part of something larger?Recruit Your Party Build Bonds - Adding ton of dimension to traditional party mechanics players recruit new members to their team and then invest time into developing relationships with them The closer the connection the more effective in battle But every party member is mortal and susceptible to death meaning every decision must be weighed carefully lest they be lost to the user forever Collect Customize Barter and Fuse Every Last Demon! - Discovering and enlisting new demons to aid you in battle is a staple of the Shin Megami Tensei universe With nearly twice as many demons to find and unlock as in the original game there&39;s no shortage of work to be done in assembling and managing an army of demons for battle

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