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Pool Paradise PC Game

In what is a themed pool experience you find yourself in the South Pacific on an exotic beach that happens to be littered with pool tables For a pool player it's paradise and if that's not enough you can even play Skeepool Darts and the original Dropzone arcade game But as the title implies the core of the game lies on the pool table and Pool Paradise demonstrates just how extensive and convincing such games can be There are five modes of play 11 rule sets an array of table sizes and shapes tournaments a dynamic camera 30 computer characters and some brilliant animation It's great stuff but that's all options and eye-candy To pool aficionados it's all about gameplay The balls need to roll in a realistic fashion and they should react to the table cushions accordingly Sidespin backspin and topspin must work as they do in the real-life sport and the power put behind a shot should be reflected in what happens on the table Pool Paradise does all this and that's what makes it worthwhile In addition the mouse play mechanic of the PC version gives players a greater feeling of control Shots can be taken with greater precision it can sometimes be a more skilful game and overall players will get a greater feeling of satisfaction from the successful pot

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