Image of Hama Universal Rotary Plate, L

Hama Universal Rotary Plate, L

Optimise Your Viewing Potential with Ease A desktop computer monitor may provide you with a conveniently larger screen for use for work or leisure but the problem is that you cannot pass it from person to person or reposition it as easily as you can a portable laptop making it difficult to view or read what is on the screen This is especially the case if you are one of several users that like it positioned at a slightly different angle due to height differences etc or if there are several people trying to view it at the same time This Universal Rotary Plate from Hama allows you to achieve the perfect angle for everyone viewing by making it possible to easily rotate the monitor in whatever direction you wish Eliminate sun glare in an instance by making a quick and simple rotation on the plate or twist it around to show someone something on the other side of the room without scraping the desk at the same time Whatever you need it for the rotary plate will allow quick and fluid movements as well as keeping your monitor firmly on the desk thanks to the integrated non-slip rubber feet These also prevent scratching of the desk or a horrible grinding noise in the event that you do want to move the plate Compatible with a Wide Range of Equipment at Home and in the Office Suitable for both home and office and being compatible with a wide range of products including not only computer monitors and TVs but also speakers hi-fi equipment kitchen appliances and more the plate creates a firm non-slip grip on any flat surface and allows equipment to be easily maneuvered to meet your requirements and create maximum comfort and enjoyment for both you and others as well as avoiding any unnecessary accidents from equipment sliding or being knocked off of stands and desks

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