Image of Hama Photo/Video Quick-Release Set

Hama Photo/Video Quick-Release Set

In need of a quick release? Do you often find yourself getting frustrated having to spend several minutes unscrewing every time you want to use your tripod for a different camera but put up with it because you don want to spend more money on additional tripods which do the same as the one you have already purchased? With Hama not only do you not have to spend out more money on additional tripods but you no longer need to spend your precious time unscrewing and screwing camera(s) on to your tripod Say hello to the brilliant Hama Quick Release Adapter Set with camera plate and lower section tripod thread Click in and Release with Hama! The Quick Relelase Set from Hama classic black in colour is a fantastic set including a thread and plate which is specifically designed to make attaching different cameras to one tripod an easy task The Adapter has two parts and putting it together is very simple Attach the base of the adapter to the top of the tripod where you originally attached your camera and attach the plate to your actual camera and then quickly attach the two as and when you want to use your camera with the tripod If you have more than one camera you can purchase additional plates so you can quickly and easily swap from one camera to another whilst still using the tripod in a matter of seconds This guarantees maximum use out of your tripod as well as fantastic pictures everytime!

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