Image of Hama "Combi" USB 2.0 Hub/Card Reader

Hama "Combi" USB 2.0 Hub/Card Reader

Expand Your Connections!With a large number of devices using USB connections in order to connect to your computer or charge you can find that your computer USB ports easily get filled with various printers scanners card readers charging MP3 players and phones to name just a few This can cause problems when wanting to perform several tasks at once which all use one or several of these devices as there is simple no space to plug them inThe Hama USB HubCard reader for Mac OS 9 x and higher can quickly and easily help to expand the number of USB ports available to you without breaking the budget Connecting by a USB cable into one of your computer ports it then converts this single port into 3 where USB cables can be plugged into the body of the hub In addition to the PC this hub can also be used with other USB devices such as games consoles in order to expand the number of connections available for controllers etc so you and your friends can all get in on the actionAlso as well as expanding your USB ports this device doubles up as a card reader so you can enjoy the ability to be able to transfer data at fast speeds between your memory devices and PC It can read a multitude of memory cards some with additional adaptors needed therefore freeing up valuable space around your computer for other wonderful gadgets The card reader is lightweight and compact making it easily transportable so now you can take it along with you and quickly and easily look at your photos on the go from your laptopUploading pictures from your mobile phone and more to your social networking site becomes easier with a card reader as you simply have to put the memory card in and away you go No more need to have a cable to connect every piece of electronic equipment you own to the computer everything can be done via the card reader Take one more stress out of life with the Hama USB hubcard reader which gives you easy and quick access to your memory card data without taking up precious room on your computer desk as well as the ability to connect up numerous devices to your PC

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